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Economy Heating & Air is proud to be a leading name for HVAC in Roseville. California is loved for its warm weather and year-round sunny beaches and parks. However, for HVAC professionals, air conditioning systems need year-round attention due to tremendous strain.

As a locally owned and operated business, we offer a comprehensive set of HVAC services in Roseville for your air conditioner or central heating.

Experienced Technicians

We know that great customer service professionals help make your experience memorable. That’s why we have certified technicians who are always ready to help and provide expert advice for your heating and air conditioning system.

We want to offer our clients the most up-to-date technologies in their new HVAC system. We ensure all our employees are trained and licensed to work with HVAC systems and units. Our NATE-certified technicians have gone through hours of hands-on learning, and we encourage them to continue learning about new products and industry standards.

Our HVAC services are no obligation with our complete estimate. We don’t charge you for things you don’t need, nor do we push you into buying things from us. Take the time to compare quotes from our competitors and see why we are the best choice for HVAC services in Roseville, CA.

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Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning repair is one of our most popular services in Roseville, CA, as we have the hot California weather all year. Air Conditioning that isn’t correctly maintained will need to be repaired more frequently.

We offer cooling system services such as AC repair, replacement, preventive maintenance, and installation at competitive pricing. If you hear strange noises from your air conditioning, call us to help troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair the problem promptly.

Air Conditioners are not meant to last forever, and our Roseville AC installation is second to none. Our professional team of installers goes over all your choices, helping you choose the right system for your home and your budget. An air conditioner is a big investment, and we want to ensure you are comfortable with your selected products.

Heat Pump and Furnace Systems

Although heating systems aren’t needed quite as often in Roseville, CA, a heating issue can still arise when you need it. Our Roseville heating team is ready to service or install a new system in your home when needed.

If your furnace or heat pumps are making strange noises, it’s time to call in our certified professionals to take a look. Heating and cooling go hand in hand, and you need your entire HVAC system to work collectively.

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Indoor Air Quality Improvement

The air you breathe inside your home directly results from how clean your indoor air is from your heating and air conditioning. Poor indoor air quality can lead to breathing problems, illness, headaches, and tiredness. We take air quality seriously and offer the best air services to bring your home into a more comfortable space.

With air cleaner UV lights, whole house fan installation, and duct cleaning, you can quickly know the air in your home is clean.

HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioning and HVAC system need the proper maintenance, just like all the other appliances in your home. Regular maintenance allows you to save money from expensive repairs and have your HVAC equipment working efficiently.

Air conditioning repair is one of the most requested services we offer, and you could avoid it by having annual maintenance done on your cooling systems. We can detect minor problems before they become bigger, change filters and add coolants before they clog, and make any minor HVAC repairs while we are there.

Heating and Cooling systems need proper care, and we are the HVAC service company that can provide it. Join our annual maintenance program and know we will keep you comfortable in your home with a well-working HVAC unit.

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Our Service Promise

We have a well-earned reputation as a supportive and valued company for HVAC repair and maintenance in Roseville, CA, and other regions we serve. We are grateful for the positive reviews our past clients have left for us. These are a testament to the relationships we have built within our community. We genuinely want to positively impact you by providing value at affordable rates for all services.

Our HVAC company takes great pride in our workmanship. We want to provide homeowners with quality work on furnace repair, duct replacement, air conditioner maintenance, and heater repair. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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Call Economy Heating and Air
For Professional HVAC Services

When you need repairs to your cooling systems, you need to call Economy HVAC. We are locally owned and operated in Roseville, CA, and have been providing HVAC system repairs for over thirty years.

Other HVAC companies that repair in Roseville may have the same services, but it’s our team of HVAC specialists that sets us apart. We only provide quality work for our customers in their Roseville houses. Our air conditioning service is unparalleled, and we are the HVAC business you should call when your need to install, replace or service your air conditioner.
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