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Welcome to our furnace service and maintenance page! Here at Economy Heating and Air, we understand the importance of keeping your furnace in tip-top shape to ensure it operates safely and efficiently throughout the year. That’s why we offer various furnace services to keep your heating system running smoothly.

Our experienced technicians are fully licensed and insured and have the knowledge and expertise to work on all types of furnaces, regardless of make or model. Whether you need a routine maintenance check or emergency repairs, we’re here to help.

What is Furnace Maintenance, and
Why Is It Important?

Furnace maintenance entails thoroughly inspecting and tuning up your heating system. Generally, homeowners only contact their local HVAC company when something goes wrong with their HVAC system. However, every HVAC system requires routine maintenance to ensure proper operation.

Your furnace is exposed to wear and tear during the heating process. Unmaintained furnaces result in higher energy costs, more frequent repairs, and less comfort for the homeowner. These activities strain the system’s components, potentially reducing efficiency and reliability.

Furnace upkeep, also known as furnace tune-up, entails inspecting, cleaning, adjusting, lubricating, and testing the system’s critical components. Homeowners can choose to have their furnaces serviced at least once a year or before the cold season starts.

Annual furnace maintenance ensures that the heating system operates effectively. However, if one of your family members has respiratory problems or a weakened immune system, it’s best to have furnace repair performed twice a year.

The best time for furnace maintenance is in the autumn, just before winter, as you will run your heating system daily. This ensures that your system is set to use during the winter.

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What is the Process of Furnace Maintenance?

When we come out for a service call or an annual tune-up, we generally look over all the following areas:

  • Examining the vent systems for any obstructions or leakage
  • Examining the blower’s access port for a good seal
  • Examine the heat changer for indications of separation, fractures, or corrosion. A heat exchanger with such flaws could enable dangerous carbon monoxide to escape.
  • Examining the air intake grill for obstructions
  • Cleaning and inspecting the blower and its components, including removing the blower wheel to ensure that it is clear of debris and dirt
  • Perform the amp-draw test on the blower motor and compare the findings to the unit’s listed specifications.
  • Lubrication of all motor moving parts to minimize friction
  • Examining the burner for correct ignition and testing the flame sensor for accuracy
  • Checking all electrical connections on the furnace and inspecting all wiring for indications of corrosion or rust
  • Examining the flue for blockages
  • Calibration of the thermostat
  • All of the unit’s safety features are being tested.
  • Testing the system’s startup procedure and ensuring that it works properly
  • Examining all belts for cracks or evidence of wear and tear
  • Checking the furnace’s air filters

Remember that by performing yearly preventive furnace maintenance, you will gain more efficiency, better performance, and greater comfort. Our HVAC maintenance expert inspects your equipment to ensure that it is not in a compromised state that could cause a house fire or put your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

You only need one phone call to book your furnace maintenance service with Economy Heating and Air. We service Roseville, CA, and the surrounding areas and would be delighted to serve you

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HVAC maintenance plans ensure that your heating and cooling systems receive the dedicated care they require each year to improve performance for better comfort, ensure peak operating efficiency for lower energy costs, reduce the impact of wear and tear to prevent breakdowns, and keep your unit in service for a longer time. Tune-ups also uphold the conditions of your equipment warranty, ensuring this protection is still legitimate if you ever need it.

Even if everything is in functioning order, this type of preventative HVAC maintenance is essential for the life of your system, addressing any problems before they become costly repairs or replacements. Aside from detecting worn or broken components early and reducing repair needs, preventative HVAC maintenance ensures your system lasts longer.

Call us at Economy Heating and Air to discuss services and maintenance for your furnace. Join our maintenance program so you have to worry less about repairs and enjoy the atmosphere in your home.

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