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Affordable Heat Pump Installation In Roseville, CA

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Have you decided to switch to a heat pump system? Need to update your current heat pump? Economy Heating and Air can review your needs as a homeowner and help you decide on which system is perfect for you and your budget.

If you’re considering a heat pump system for your home, Economy Heating and Air offers expert advice and guidance for the best solution that suits your budget and preferences. Our team can also provide a professional heat pumps installation service to ensure that your new or updated system is installed safely and efficiently.

What To Consider When Choosing a Heat Pump

If you’re considering installing a heat pump in your home, there are several factors you should consider before making a decision.

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Heat Pumps in Roseville - Climate


Heat pumps are most efficient in moderate climates, where temperatures don’t drop too low in the winter or rise too high in the summer. Many parts of California, particularly along the coast, have mild winters and moderate summers, making them ideal for heat pump use.

Heat pumps can heat and cool your home, making them versatile for California’s variable weather patterns. In the winter, the heat pump can extract heat from the outdoor air and bring it inside to heat your home. It can do the opposite in the summer, removing heat from your home and expelling it outdoors.


The size of the heat pump you need will depend on your home’s size and factors such as insulation, windows, and air leakage. An HVAC professional can calculate load to determine the appropriate size for your home.


Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient compared to other heating and cooling systems. This is particularly beneficial in California, where energy costs are relatively high. Choosing a heat pump can lower energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

California has some of the strictest environmental regulations in the country, and reducing carbon emissions is a top priority. Heat pumps contribute to this effort by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool homes, which can ultimately reduce carbon emissions.

Installation location

Heat pumps are typically installed outside of the home, so choosing a location that provides adequate airflow and space for the unit is important. The location should also be accessible for maintenance and repairs.


If your home already has ductwork in place, a ducted heat pump may be the most cost-effective option. However, if your home doesn’t have ductwork or the ductwork is in poor condition, a ductless mini-split heat pump may be a better choice.

Heat Pumps in Roseville - Lower Bills


The cost of a heat pump installation will vary depending on the size and efficiency of the unit, as well as the complexity of the installation. Consider your budget and weigh the long-term savings of an energy-efficient unit against the upfront cost.


Look for a heat pump with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment. Ensure you understand the terms of the warranty and what’s covered in case of a malfunction or defect.

Let Economy Heating and Air
Help You Make The Choice

By setting up an in-home consultation, we can help determine the right size heat pump for your home and review all the installation costs on your free estimate.

Contact us today to learn more about our heat pump installation in Roseville, CA.

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