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Keep your heat pump running at its best with annual maintenance and service from Economy Heating and Air. Our professional HVAC team has the expertise and knowledge to get your HVAC system working efficiently, at the best prices.

We are here to take your call when you want to service your heat pump before the upcoming summer or winter season. We offer tune-ups and repair services for your heat pumps and more.

Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Annual tune-ups are suggested for furnaces and air conditioners that operate during the heating and cooling seasons.

If you maintain your HVAC equipment correctly, you see your heating and cooling technician twice yearly, but each system only gets one tune-up a year.

  • Checking and, if required, replacing the air handler’s air filter. It should be checked regularly and replaced if it becomes dusty. A clean air filter maintains your system running as efficiently as possible, and if you’re unsure where it is or how to change it, ask one of our friendly technicians.

  • Oiling the motors, inspecting the belt for wear, and changing tension as needed.

  • Examining the electrical components of the interior air handler and the outdoor condenser. They may require cleaning and tightening, as well as nonconductive oils. Loose or dirty parts raise your energy costs and can generate excessive heat.

  • Cleaning the external condensing coil, fins, and evaporator coil. When the coils are clean, they exchange heat much quicker.

  • Measuring the amount of refrigerant in the system is an integral part of the heat pump tuneup because if it is not at the level specified by the maker, the heat pump will not operate as efficiently. If the amount falls too low, the evaporator coil in the air handler may freeze, increasing energy costs. Other parts of the heat pump may be seriously damaged if it continues to operate with a frozen coil. The technician will locate the leak, seal it, and add the exact quantity of coolant required by the heat pump.

  • Evaluating the ductwork’s structural integrity and sealing any breaches. Ducts can become loose at any moment, and leaks increase energy consumption while degrading indoor air quality.

  • Testing the thermostat’s accuracy and, if required, recalibrating it.
Heat Pumps Services in Roseville

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When you’re ready for heat pump service in Roseville, CA, call Economy Heating and Air. We have over thirty years of experience in getting the job done right.

Contact us to schedule your appointment, or become part of our maintenance program and get reminders for your tune-ups every year.

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